"I was overwhelmed with sadness when I realized that I was going to change, and that it was all most likely going to get worse, like a nostalgia for the present."

The art of getting by (2011) dir. Gavin Wiesen



Halloween display fell over

I feel like he came alive at night and got wasted on free booooooze. But I mean whatever you say man.


so much drama in one photo


Nam June Paik
Video Fish, 1975 (1977 version)
Three-channel video installation with aquariums, water, live fish, and variable number of monitors; color, silent; dimensions vary with installation. Centre Georges Pompidou, Musee national d’art moderne, Paris. Installation view at Documenta 6, Kassel, June 24—October 2, 1977. Photo by Friederich Rosenstiel.